Gigsign Corporation is part of a US based holding Hydent Bros Inc. with investments in a portfolio of companies in the hygiene, oral care, protection, medical and fulfillment fields between the US, Europe and China.

Gigsign Corporation has a team of 50 spread over our Shenzhen, Los Angeles, Paris and Yerevan offices. Throughout 15 years of experience in trading and dealing with large scale organization, Governmental agencies or health and medical industry we have developed a large network of selected factories, partners and customers around the world.


An oral care brand revolutionizing dental hygiene with patents of electric toothbrushes, replacement heads, mouthwash and so forth.

Gigsign Corporation

Gigsign provides Personal Protective Equipment services from China to the rest of the world through high-end B2B channels. 


Graffn™ is a wear brand based on the graphene technology that has unique protective properties starting with the respiratory mask reusable for 30 days. 


Medicalarmos is specialized in dropshipping Personal Protective Equipment through B2C channels.


Sell on Wechat provides logistics and supply chain services bringing foreign brands to China through its WeChat application.

StreamTease International

The backbone trading company with 15 years of experience in factory sourcing, quality control and logistics  in China.


It is possible to work both with the US, the CN or the EU entity, is depends on a several factors including your billing country, the payment terms and the size of the order.

GIGSIGN GLOBAL INC. (since Jan. 2019)

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Mihran founded several companies in China since 2006, starting with exporting commodities, importing brands and also setup his own factory. Fluent in speaking and writing Mandarin, he is well adverse of the ways to navigate and successfully blend cultures together. 

He is the metronome linking your requests with the team in China. His daily work consists mostly of supporting the sales team with better tools and supervising the operations in China with his partner and co-founder of Gigsign Edison Tsai.

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