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Not all RFQs are answered. RFQs are studied on a case by case basis and answered in priority of reception.
It usually 24h as a maximum turn out time to hear back from us.


It according to every circumstances but the general rules of thumbs:

• Pick items from this catalog or anything in that range
• Issue a proper ​R​FQ
• Receive an FCO with contract and all related certifications
• Send your QC or a 3rd-party auditor
• Make your payment


• Payment terms for production for first time customers:
• Payment terms for inventory purchase: T/T of $50k to block inventory, then 100% collection upon POL
• L/C acceptable for amounts over $10M (add. fees apply)
• Remittance to Gigsign US, EU or CN depending on several factors
• Most incoterms are FCA or CIP - Full-flight booking preferred
• No inventory available for quote
• Escrow accounts available with Gigsign USA
• For large orders LOI and POF required before negotiations with factories
• MOQ: $3k / item


• Strict export regulations from the PRC since April 1st 2020
• Strict inspection regulations from the PRC since April 10th 2020
• No engagement in delivery time
• Prices and products availabilities change on daily basis, CIs are being adjusted from PIs
• Regulations established by the PRC are getting updated without notice
• No inventory available for quote

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